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E-commerce and Affiliate programs seem to go hand in hand.  Every online vendor is vying for your spendable income, and they are paying us to advertise for them.  Personally, I don't mind at all if they want to pay me to be their link! :)  However, the links on this page are only for those sites where I have shopped myself and been satisfied with the outcome, or for those whose reward programs I have used and know to be valid.  Please feel free to click with confidence.

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This is one of my favorite affiliate referral sites.  It's easy to use, and well maintained.  Give a click and see for yourelf.

Don't let Bullwinkle fool you.  This site is also one of the largest online pharmacies today.  They have good prices, and just about anything you might need without having to leave your house. is one of those sites that gives you points just for clicking on other sites.  Gather enough points and you can trade them in for great stuff!  Another bonus?  You just might find some cool places to visit without trying :)

1000's of Free Offers of the best words to hear when it comes to shopping.'s what I like when I surf the web for bargains.  Free...samples, catalogs, services.  They're out there on the web.  Let Free Shop point you in the right direction guessed it....FREE!

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Stop running to the post office and waiting in lines for stamps.  If you are like me and use $20.00 or less per month in stamps, pay a small service fee of $1.99 per month and print the stamps at home right onto your envelopes!  Click and save with this free trial offer!

Big FREE flash is the place to be.  I can't believe I found this site!  It is one of the absolute coolest yet.  They have a category called "100% off" that has almost 400 different items in it!  You've got to check this out.

Get Paid to Read Mail
Money4Mail is exactly what it get paid to read your email.  The payment is anywhere from $0.20 to $2.50 per email, depending on the sponsor.  Hey, you read it anyway, don't you?  Take a look at the website and join in!
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At SayIt, visitors can send an electronic greeting card or submit their own card designs to the SayIt Creative Marketplace.  And...the creators earn points each time their card is chosen and sent!  Have some fun here!

Giftbox Store
If you need stickers (and what family doesn't?), look no more. is nothing but....and with more kinds than you can shake a, well, sticker at!  Click on the link and see some of the current specials.

I think this one speaks for itself.  I was thrilled to find them online.  I am still amazed by how much shopping I get done right from my own home!  Those who know me have heard all about my two grandsons, and finding Hallmark online makes it easy for me to get their Christmas ornaments every year.

Did anyone else love this store as a teen?  They have some of the coolest stuff!  And they have it online, too...go visit!

tea_from_heart1 reminds me of a little gift shop with a homey feel.  Their candles are wonderful!  Take a look around.

Banner Name is a fun online auction.  Drop in and see what's up for bid!

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Here's one of the places I go for craft supplies.  Quite a nice site!

468x60SegaDreamcast.gif is a nice place to visit and relax while you shop for toys.  They have a large variety to choose from.  Sure beats stepping over the kids in the real stores!

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Hey you sci-fi fans!  Take a moment to browse this site.  You won't be disappointed!