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Clean your precious metals
Odors be gone


Silver, gold, jewelry, silverware

1 quart water
1 Tablespoon water softner
1 Tablespoon salt
small tub-like container
aluminum foil

Line the bottom of the container with the aluminum foil, then pour the water, water softener, and salt in.  Mix; then lay your silverware, goldware, or jewelry in.  This mixture will make them sparkle!  The process does not take long, you can practically watch the tarnish disappear before your eyes!


Copper clean very nicely with just a lemon and some sallt.  Pour salt into a small dish.  Slice a lemon in two, then dip one half into the salt.  Rub the salted lemon over the copper and watch it clean like a dream.


Need to clean up the pewter?  Not a problem.  White vinegar or toothpaste will do the trick.  Try it!

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Pour 1 cup of white vinegar in the toilet bowl at night, then flush in the morning.  The vinegar will cleans hard water stains and calcium deposits, as well as clearing odors.

Have you been chopping garlic and now the smell is on your hands?  Simply wipe your hands on a stainless steel spoon to remove that lingering odor!

Getting ready to paint?  Dreading the paint fumes?  Stir a teaspoon or so per gallon of vanilla extract into your paint the night before and be pleasantly surprised.

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