This is the first cardigan I made.  It was from a pattern given to me by a friend.  If I find I can post it, I'll do so.  I wish I had been better at photographing my projects last year.  The close-up is so you can see the texture created by the different stitches.  It looks harder than it was.  I loved making it!  It was made using Red Heart Soft Baby and made in a size 1.

This is the infamous Oxfam sweater.  It is the easiest sweater to make when you need several different sizes, since it is made according to inches, not gauge!  You can use whatever stitch you feel like.  This one is done in hdc, with some shells in the middle, and picots on the edges.  The second picture was to show the detail of the neckline.

Get your free instructions for this sweater right here.

This cute sweater is a size 2 and is found at Fast and Fun Crochet.  It is under the current winter patterns.  They do not archive at this site, so be sure to save the pattern now!
This sweater is a size 8 and was made from a free tear-off pattern from Red Heart called Just Right.  I used Red heart Kids yarn in pink and Bikini.  I'm currently making a second using Green and its varigated counterpart.

Sadly, the photo doesn't do justice to this little layette.  The pattern is from a book by House of White Birches entitled Crochet Gifts to Go.  Using Bernat Baby Soft yarn, this was made in pink with white trim and includes a sweater, bonnet, blanket and booties.

This afghan was made by my mother using the same stitch I used on the scarf shown on page one of the crochet pictures.

She used Red Heart yarn in a dark rose and a wedgewood varigated.  The second picture shows a nice close-up of the kitty corner shell stitch.

This is a variation of my drawstring purse pattern.  It is done entirely in single crochet, with the flamingo being cross stitched on afterward.

This afghan is from a House of White Birches book called  Easy Weekend Afghans.  I made this for a silent auction at work.  The winner was so pleased, he ordered two more just like it!  This is the first afghan I've ever sold, and I got $75 each for them!  I made them using Caron Simply Soft in Plum Wine and Cream.

Another oxfam sweater, this one made by my mother.  She used Paton's cotton.  The pattern is the same as the one I used in the blue and white afghan on page one of the crochet pictures.
This child's hat can be found  here.  It appears large in my pictures because I used a doll for the model.  I used Sugar Babies cotton for this one.  I've also made it using a double strand of Omegacrys thread.

Made from Peaches and Cream cotton, these holiday lightbulbs make great dishcloths or table decorations.